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Standard is one of the foundations of science and technology, which plays an important role in the development of industry and economy, and it must be multiplied in order to increase the level of quality in order to achieve advanced technology in the production of each product. Of course, this view is somewhat correct, and the standard pays attention to the individual and economic needs of consumers, but also considers the strength of industry and technology, and it can be said that the profit from the standard for producers is more than consumers, because it is economical. Searches for the reduction of all kinds of unnecessary parts and raw materials and waste are so impressive Any investment in the field of standardization of products and services for industries justifies the owners, so that they can soon see tangible results of work for the amount stored.
With proper implementation of standard rules and regulations, storage and manufacturing costs of tools and machinery are reduced, the production process is regulated, the performance of factories is balanced, the maintenance of documents, plans and designs related to the production of products according to one The exact system of rapid recovery is classified and archived, cooperation between the various units of each organization or factory is possible to advance the production process, employee understanding is realized in technical matters, and finally satisfaction with the production of quality goods and optimal packaging. Consumers are also attracted, and so is the standard of solid foundation The promotion and development of the industry and provides Aqtstd. In today’s industrial world, everything is evolving. In this field, the new standards called quality management are not only the result of the final product, but also the production line from beginning to end. This purposeful and purposeful management gives life and dynamism to organizational departments. Investing in improving the quality of manufactured goods to meet the needs of domestic consumers and directing goods to global markets and reducing imports is the most important principle in economic development policy. Every developing country that increases and improves industrial delicacy is at the top of its agenda. The standardization of production and service indicators, as well as the measurement and quality control of products, are among the main points in development programs.