The word HSE is made up of three words: health, safety, and environment. Today’s world is a world of competition. Achieving the goals of organizations in various business areas in the shadow of health, safety and the environment has become one of the priorities of organizations in today’s business.
Health and safety have been discussed since 1885, and wherever there is safety, there is talk of health and the environment. Safety issues were raised after the Industrial Revolution due to rising labor deaths. Environmental issues also arose after the Industrial Revolution and were raised acutely.
Occupational health or health engineering in the HSE structure includes all environmental health services, employee nutrition health and occupational health within work and industrial environments. Health science, like other sciences, needs to use various specialties such as chemistry, statistics, epidemiology, physiology, toxicology, anatomy, industrial medicine, nutrition, rehabilitation, etc. in order to provide its services in accordance with the needs of the industry.
In fact, HSE addresses health, safety, and environmental issues in projects under its control; in other words, each of the HSE branches includes items, each of which includes only the following:
Health: In the organization, the issue of health, which includes public (individual) environmental health and occupational health, is important. Personal health is concerned with the health of the individual and includes environmental health around the organization, and occupational health includes a series of job analyzes.
Safety: In any organization, there are a number of safety risks that, if not addressed, may lead to accidents.
In the field of safety in the organization, there are a wide range of issues, which include several categories. The first category is related to safety in operations, which includes work at heights, welding and cutting, safety of equipment and machinery, and so on. The second category is related to safety in the organization, which includes warehouse safety, fire management, enclosure, warning signs, and so on. And the third category includes the safety of individuals in the organization, which includes the elimination or reduction of risks and the use of personal protective equipment.
Environment The environment is the environment, including air, water, soil, natural resources, plants, animals, humans, and the interrelationships between which the organization operates. The environment can expand from within an organization to a local, regional, and global system. It should be noted that the activities of the organization have environmental aspects that can interact with the living environment.